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  • Water Quality

    Poor Water Quality

  • Overflowing Landfills

    Overflowing Landfills

  • Decreasing Economy

    Decreasing Economy

  • Habitat Destruction

    Habitat Destruction

  • Without

  • Wasting Energy & Air Pollution

    Air Pollution

  • At HGC we have the solutions:
    ✔ Revamp recycling infrastructure
    ✔ Create incentive programs
    ✔ Work with government organizations

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    The Problems

    • Toxic metals and oil from streets and parking lots kills organisms and enters the food chain

    • Chemicals from industries released into the water and contaminate aquatic organisms

    • Fertilizers, pesticides and manual add toxins and excess nitrogen and phosphorous causing organismal death and red tides

    • Bacteria and virus from sewers contaminates waters

    • Erosion and sedimentation decreases the sunlight in the waters and degrades habitats

    Analysis Chart

    HGC Solutions

    ✔ Wastewater Treatment Collection and Facilities

    ✔ Phytoremediation

    ✔ Bioremediation

    ✔ Constructed Wetlands

    ✔ Stormwater pollution protection plans

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